Plan Your Trip to the Taku Glacier Lodge

Taku Glacier Lodge

If you’re looking for a serious off-the-beaten path adventure on your stay in Alaska, then a flight-seeing excursion to Taku Glacier Lodge is a must. A Wings Airways float plane will take you along on this journey with a fully narrated tour over the splendor of the Juneau Icefield, which includes five major glaciers of the area. You really can’t find better aerial views of the rivers, waterfalls, and forests of Alaska.

Our Downtown Juneau Hotel is only two blocks from the departure location for Taku Glacier Lodge tours. You’ll take off from there, getting the ultimate view of the beautiful city of Juneau—a bright gem nestled between mountain peaks and the pristine waters of Auke Bay. After about a half hour of taking in the glaciers nearby, you’ll find yourself flying along the Taku River for a landing at the historic Taku Glacier Lodge.

When you stay at the Silverbow Inn and Suites, you’ll be right in the vibrant downtown area of Juneau, so we always like to recommend this tour as a way to visit a remote part of our state. It combines some of the best attractions of the area, into one three-hour tour that you won’t soon forget. The Taku Glacier Lodge is family-friendly, as is our boutique hotel! Start planning your great Alaskan adventure and book your room today.

Taku glacier lodge

There’s so much to Explore at the Taku Glacier Lodge

You’ll see the sign from above on the Taku Glacier Lodge before you set down on the Taku River, after an impressive flight over some of the most remote areas of Alaska. You’ll have two hours to explore, enjoy a feast of local cuisine, and take in all of the splendor of the Taku Glacier. Allow us to give you a detailed guide of what to know before you go:

  1. The Taku Glacier is known as the deepest and thickest tidewater glacier in the world. It’s just under 5,000 feet thick and 36 miles in length and as of 2019 it was the only advancing glacier in the Juneau Icefield. Sadly, it’s now labeled as a retreating glacier, as with all the rest in the Icefield. That doesn’t change the impressive mass of ice spilling out between two mountain peaks, which makes this tour all the more special.
  2. The Lodge was built in 1923, where it started as a basecamp for those heading out in the wilderness on fishing or hunting expeditions. A young woman named Mary Joyce is an integral part to the history of the Lodge, she was a nurse to the owners and by sad circumstance eventually was gifted the land. She raised sled dogs and had many adventures, all of which you’ll learn more about on your tour.
  3. Over time the Taku Glacier Lodge has been sold and passed along to different owners, but since 1993 Ken and Michelle Ward have been manning the historic grounds and have continued to offer the tours that made the Lodge what it is today.
  4. On arrival to the Taku Glacier Lodge, you’ll have the opportunity to stretch your legs and enjoy a guided nature hike around the grounds and verdant, old-growth forest. The trails are well maintained, but the walking element is completely optional, so if you’d rather just sit facing the river and take in the glory of the Taku Glacier, that’s completely up to you.
  5. They offer lunch and dinner tours, which include a scratch-made home cooked meal of traditional Alaskan dishes. Alderwood wild Alaskan salmon, slow cooked beans, coleslaw, sourdough bread and biscuits, plus sweets for after, make for a really enjoyable feast. Beer and wine is available to purchase as well.
  6. During your meal in the Lodge, you’ll be surrounded by historical artifacts, including old dog sleds, hunting gear, furs and other memorabilia collected over the years. You’ll also have the pleasure learning a lot more about the history of the Lodge and the casts of characters that have played a part in how the Lodge came to be.

Taku Glacier Lodge

Find Pure Bliss at our Downtown Juneau Boutique Hotel

After your amazing journey at the Taku Glacier Lodge, flying back over the Juneau Icefield, and gliding into the bay, you’ll be welcomed back to our Downtown Juneau Hotel with open arms. If you’re in need of a beverage or treat before heading up to your room, make sure to stop by our snack bar for a cookie and a hot cocoa. Plus, you won’t have to go far for dinner plans, as our tenant, In Bocca Al Lupo, is the best Italian restaurant in all of Juneau.

After a lovely dinner, head up to our rooftop deck for a soak in our spacious jacuzzi under the Alaskan stars, best enjoyed with a tasty beverage. This is by far our favorite place at the Inn—if not in the whole world—and an excellent way to end any day on a getaway to Juneau, Alaska. We’ll even take care of breakfast in the morning. Come find out all there is to offer at the Silverbow Inn and Suites and book with us today!

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