Hit the Trails for Some Winter Hiking in Juneau

The Best Winter hiking trails in June

For many, it seems that hiking is predominantly a summer activity. That’s true even here in Juneau where we have such a relatively short summer. But did you know that hitting Juneau’s network of hiking trails is also something you can do in the winter? It’s true!  And we’re well-situated for you to enjoy the very best winter hiking trails Juneau has to offer.

Our hotel is located in downtown Juneau, within easy walking distance of some of the city’s top attractions.  Whether you’re here on business and visiting the Alaska State Capitol building, or are planning adventures around Juneau and the rest of southeast Alaska, our comfortable hotel makes for the perfect home base.  Our rooms are not just comfortable and convenient, but we offer an incredible range of amenities as well!  Book your room today!

The Best Winter Hiking Trails in Juneau

Winter is Juneau is actually pretty great – and might even be one of Alaska’s best-kept secrets! There’s some wonderful skiing at Eaglecrest Ski Area, plenty of groomed cross country ski trails around town, including out at Mendenhall Glacier, and even more plentiful winter hiking opportunities. There are also not very many people here during the winter, which means it will feel like you have the trails (or ski runs) practically to yourself!

This summer, we wrote a blog about 5 of our favorite Juneau hiking trails, many of which are within walking distance or easily accessible from our downtown hotel. There are actually at least 30 trailheads within minutes of downtown, and more than 250 hiking trails in the Juneau area altogether – and that doesn’t include any of the backcountry hiking you can do on your own.

The Best Winter hiking trails in June
Photo credit: Charlie Herrington

Luckily for us, these Juneau hiking trails are also accessible in the winter, and open themselves up to experiencing Juneau in an entirely new way! Just strap on a pair of snowshoes (or cross country skis if you’d rather), and you’re ready for an unforgettable winter hiking adventure in Juneau. Some of these Juneau hiking trails even have cabins available for overnight stays. These can be rented from either the U.S. Forest Service or Alaska State Parks.  Here are a few of our favorite winter hiking trails to try out this year:

  • The Dredge Lakes Trails and Mendenhall Glacier:  These trails take you on a series of lakes and glacial moraines that were left behind as Mendenhall Glacier retreated.  You can even head out on Mendenhall Lake itself once it freezes over, which is one of our favorite ways to get up close and personal to the crevasses at the foot of Mendenhall glacier (with an abundance of caution, of course).
  • Auke Nu Trail:  This beautiful trail starts at sea level on the Spaulding Trail and gently climbs up 1500 or so feet to the John Muir Cabin and the beautiful Spalding Meadows, which is a paradise for backcountry skiers and snowshoers. Spend the night at the cabin, and enjoy some of the other winter hiking opportunities available in that area.
  • Dan Moller Trail:  This Juneau hiking trail was also on our list of summer hikes not to miss. It’s just as great during the winter, and is another that ends at a cabin; the Dan Moller Cabin to be specific.  It’s a moderate climb to the cabin on this trail, but you can go for an even bigger adventure by hiking up to Mt. Troy, which is about a 3,000 foot gain. This trail is also pretty popular with snowmobilers.
  • Herbert Glacier Trail: You’ll find this stunning winter hiking trail just off Glacier Highway at Milepost 25. It’s one of three easily-accessible glaciers that are easily accessed from Juneau. It’s a pretty flat trail as it moves through the forest and into the moraine left behind by the Herbert Glacier.
  • Point Bridget State Park:  If you’re up for an easy day trip outside of downtown Juneau, head to Point Bridget State Park. There are beautiful meadows to explore here, and plenty of wooded trails that are great for both cross country skiing and snowshoeing. There are also cabins if you want to stay here and explore more.

Relax after enjoying the best winter hiking trails in Juneau

Relax and Unwind at our Juneau Hotel

Whether you stick closer to the trails around our hotel or head out for an exciting backcountry adventure, we think you’ll love the winter hiking opportunities here in Juneau.  After a fun day outdoors, head back to our hotel for a relaxing dip in our hot tub or a warm cup of tea or cocoa, all free with your stay, of course.

Next door, you’ll find one of our favorite Juneau Restaurants, In Boca al Lupo, which you can grab dinner from to be enjoyed in your suite if you are so inclined.  There are a number of other great restaurants, breweries, and the like within walking distance, too. You’ll never run out of options, and that is one of the best parts of staying with us!  Get ready for a winter hiking adventure this year, and book your stay at our downtown Juneau hotel today!

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